Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top 10 Social Media Blogs for 2013

In this post I'm going to detail my top 10 blog sources for social media information.  I like to check these sources at least once a day and find that it helps keep me up on the latest happenings in social media and SEO.

1.  Seth Godin
The personal blog of Squidoo creator, Seth Godin is a free thinker that continually inspires to think on new levels.  His posts are almost always timeless and apply to everything you can think of in the online world.

2.  Shoemoney
Jeremy Shoemaker has been one of the leading names in SEO for years now.  He has built many businesses and sold them for big bucks.  His blog is a source of insider info that will help you keep up with industry secrets and news.

3.  Search Engine Journal
A source for industry news from a variety of bloggers, SEJ is constantly updating their content with the latest trends.

4.  Copyblogger Blog
Devoted to content marketing, Copyblogger will help boost your writing and blogging style.  Started by Brian Clark in 2006, the ideas and content posted are invaluable to a companies content marketing strategy.

5.  Problogger Blog
Created by Darren Rowse, problogger is a constant source of inspiration to a blogger's writing arsenal.  Dealing with the issues that a blogger may inevitably come up against this blog is a great place to help hone your blogging skills.

6.  Jeff Bullas
Jeff writes on the latest happenings in social media and is one of the most influential bloggers in the scene right now.  Great content on the latest trends and tools can be found here from a variety of bloggers.

7.  Mashable
What started out as a micro-niche blog has transformed into more of a news source.  For up-to-the-minute information on 8 different channels Mashable even has their own app.  Check out the social media channel directly or maybe even choose the main all encompassing feed to keep up with what's happening in other areas of life.

8.  The Moz Blog
For a more SEO focused business blog, Moz has a wealth of information streaming through it from multiple authors.  Started in 2004 they've grown to acquire Getlisted in the past year and have a vibrant community.

9.  Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land takes a look at the latest industry news in search engines.  To keep up with the breathtaking amount of updates and acquisitions going on, this is your spot.

10.  Social Media Examiner
A blog that writes about the latest happenings in social media and takes a more tools oriented approach with some of the greatest compilations of tips and tools for the social media industry.

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