Friday, 20 September 2013

Why Building Strong Relationships is Important

Building a strong network of relationships is interesting for everyone involved, including the search engines. By having a discussion with your friends on a given subject, you're creating interest and allowing yourself to be noticed by a variety of different people.  Getting involved with a community that is posting material you're interested in is important in that you are setting yourself up to gain connections that may directly benefit you in ways you may not have imagined.

With Google stressing authorship as one of their main focuses right now, it's important to realize that who you know, and who is interacting with you is going to affect your rankings more and more in search results.  Not only from the shares and likes or +1's you receive, but in the relationship you have with these people.  If you're talking with a group of experts on any given subject and you're making an impact on what they believe and share with their followers, I truly believe that Google is going to notice this relationship and give you more sway in the area that you're talking about.

Social signals are just one of the areas that search engines have been concentrating on - the trust factor of your profile is going to be very important in the near future.  How do you build this trust?  
  • Have share-able content that is relating to your subject matter.  The more you're noticed by others, the more chances you have of being shared as an expert in your field.  
  • Build one-on-one interactions with your network.  Start discussing subjects directly with people, find a conversation that involves something you want to express your opinion on and jump in.
  • Share other peoples content.  If you find a great post that you know will benefit your community, make sure you share it.  Don't try and hog all the glory. Making yourself a connector (both with interesting people and content) is one strategy that will get you noticed as an authority yourself.

It's not just about search anymore.  Sure it's nice to rank high in the search engines, but what about the value of having a network that is driving traffic to both your profiles and your content while a person is directly involved in conversation about a subject you are well-versed in.  You may find that the value of this kind of traffic may be higher than someone who is searching on Google itself.  They are already directly in the mindset you were looking for a person to be in when you wrote your content and you now have a recommendation from someone they respect to back you up.

Having a strong network of interesting people will benefit you in more ways than one.  
  • It will help you brainstorm new ideas.
  • It'll open new opportunities for both social and work related experiences.
  • You'll be referred to people that you can both help and receive help from.

Maybe it's time to stop concentrating on statistics and rankings so much and start valuing the network of people we have around us.  Who knows, you may find the biggest opportunity of your life through one simple interaction.

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