Monday, 23 September 2013

Time Management for Your Social Media Presence

So important to your success as a social media expert is the wise use of your time.  It's easy to get lost in the online world, checking and rechecking your accounts, searching for new posts and interesting topics, and reading others profiles are just a few of the things we can get stuck on.

While these are all important parts of a successful social media campaign - doing one more than the rest can start a vicious cycle of non-inspired thinking.  Making a focused effort to break up your time into different activities may be what you're missing in your social media presence.

I've made a list of activities that you could focus on for the day, hopefully inspiring you to make your own list of priorities to help leverage your efforts into the stratosphere.  These are just suggestions, but concentrating on the things that work the most for gaining connections and inspiring both authority and search rank are very important to your success.

An important part of your day, reading should account for a great deal of your morning time - keeping you up-to-date with the latest info in your fields, inspiring new content ideas for your campaigns, and allowing you to think through angles that may not have presented themselves so readily before.

Take time to make a list of blogs and websites that inspire you and give you great info.  Use a feed reader and organize it with your most important sources.  Make notes of who posts important content on your social networks and divide them into groups to make reading them easier.  Check back in throughout the day to make sure you're ahead of the curve when it comes to recent news.

Setting aside a decent portion of time to think of new ideas is critical to maintaining and increasing your success in the social media world.  Building upon the content you've read you can write up a list of article ideas for your blog/website.

Take the time to meditate on what you've learned from reading and think up new ways to introduce yourself to a market, gain authority in your present ones, add new streams of revenue to your personal finances.  By taking a little bit of time to do this daily, you'll never run out of ideas for content and you'll help boost your online presence to a new level

Account Management
It's very important to keep up with your social networking accounts.  You never know when a new connection might crop up that could inspire you and add resources to your presence you never even thought of before.

Check for new followers, reply to messages that you've received, search for new connections and post inspirational and interesting content to your networks.

This should account for a very large part of your time online.  Keeping the personal touch involved in your social media presence cannot be stressed enough.  People enjoy interacting with you, don't automate things to a level that leaves your audience feeling like your ignoring them.  While there's something to be said for using account management tools to help keep your time on this one down, use them wisely.

Now that you've set aside the time for reading through your sources, brainstorming ideas to work on and taken care of your accounts, it's time to get to the creative process.  Take a large chunk of your day to create new content.  Write blog posts, website articles, make videos, memes, and infographics.

It's easy to get stuck on just one area of creation, and if you find yourself falling into that trap, perhaps you should think of using your ideas in different mediums.  The visual medium is very powerful for creating backlinks and interest in your content.  Take the time to develop your skills in this area, it will pay off royally if you do.

Going over the content you've created is important in many different ways.  You may catch errors you've made, find comments you need to reply to, think of new ideas for your campaigns that you could create.

Give yourself a minute and look back on the day, week, even month.  What were some of the things that you found important and informative?  Have you expounded on these items or did you forget something that you had planned to follow through on?  You could take a certain day and concentrate your efforts on recapping specifically.

Are you using your time wisely by breaking it up into categories like these?  Maybe you have other ideas that you feel are a more important use of your time..  I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the subject, what do you think, did I hit the mark with this one?  I hope I've at least inspired you to think through managing your time in a productive manner.

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