Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Social BOOM - A Lesson in Paranoia

Alright, it's been awhile since I posted on the whole social networking scene.  I used to obsess over it back in 2009 when Google Friend Connect was a valid option and Facebook had just opened their api.  I had an alias of "SocialMind" with a website called the Social Arrow at <--- not there anymore I deleted it and threw my computer in the garbage.

I was paranoid after noticing some of the big players noticing me, and when I say big players, I mean governments.  I was gaining traction with some very big names, then I noticed that my computer was constantly being pinged by foreign government, I'm no hacker/programmer(although I did teach myself how to program the Google Friend Connect Wordpress plugin, if you're a coder, yes I know my programming sucks) but it was unnerving when I used a packet sniffer to find this out.  I just didn't want the grief of worrying about who was listening to me and tracking my every move.  So, like I said - I threw my laptop in the garbage and went back to farriery full time.

It's time to revist the scene for me though.  I'm over it.  I'm here to learn and help others along the way.  Yes I have some pretty strong opinions, but I'm really not all that threatening, nor are my opinions all that uncommon.  I had my finger on the pulse of the next big thing back then and people noticed.

It's a lesson in paranoia alright.  We're tracked in ways you and I can only imagine nowadays - get used to it.  Heck look at what +Matt Cutts just posted on his twitter feed about the NSA and Google if you don't believe me.

Anyways, my whole introductory rant is just that.. an introduction to who I am, where I was, but now, I'm moving forward.  This blog isn't meant to be about government, foreign or otherwise.  It's about you and I, using the tools we have in this exciting social networking boom to achieve the goals we've set.  Don't let them get to you and end up throwing your computer in the garbage like me(haha.. wth right).  Let's enjoy this time as much as we possibly can and learn how to interact humanity in new ways that were never even imagined before.

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