Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Social Arrow Live Google+ Hangout for the Week of Sept. 22nd - 28th

NOTE: Due to technical problems we'll be redoing this video.. look for it in a day or two.

+Amie Rutledge and +Josh Emsley go over the weeks events as they've come across them while social networking.  

This week we'll be covering:

1.  Caturday of course
2.  Hollywood entertainment - Breaking Bad and more
3.  Google News - there's a few developments this week
4.  Pinterest - article pins are here
5.  Miscellaneous articles we found interesting

This isn't a long event, but we hope to help inform you with things you might have missed and maybe entertain you abit as well.  Hope to see you there! :)

Video will be embedded here:

Show notes will be posted here: