Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Decade of Social Change

Social networking has always existed in some form to the human race.  Whether it was going for your morning coffee to talk to the guys at the local coffee shop or sitting around the fire telling stories to your tribe.

These were forms of social interaction that kept us connected with each other.  A way to keep track of what was going on in the world and finding new opportunities that would never present themselves without the help of others in our lives.

With the invention of the internet, we've found a new forum for releasing our thoughts, ideas and emotions.  The way in which we interact has simply been made easier and much more specific to our own values.  We can now find people that we relate too on a more personal level.

Making new connections has never been easier.  We can actually make contact and get our ideas across to people that would have been in the past considered the untouchables.  Unless you were rich or famous, you were unable to talk to the rich or famous.  This isn't as true nowadays, in fact you have a pretty good chance of getting through to the person you wish to speak with if they are connected through the internet.  I'll be it that the famous have a harder time keeping up with all the talk that comes at them, the reality is that you have more of a chance then ever in history of making that connection.

Meeting new people has never been easier.  You can find yourself a network of like-minded individuals in no time at all now.  New concepts are ripe for the picking.  Inspiration and critical thinking are ready to explode into your life with a few keyboard strokes.  The new generation is relating with one another in such a rapid fashion that they are learning things far beyond what we would have back before the internet was a reality.

If you have a new idea you can almost instantaneously receive feedback about it, allowing you to adjust and adapt to points-of-view you may not have seen before.  Traditional news sources are finding it next to impossible to keep up with online sources for their content and are doing their best to become online authorities instead.

It will be interesting to see what the next ten years has in store for us.  Can you picture interactive news with trending topics taken from local sources direct to your TV.. independent content.  Not syndicated global monopolies of one-sided bs.  What do you think? Will we really be able to handle this kind of content, or do we still need the propaganda campaigns of yesteryear to fill our ears with their soothing drone?

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