Sunday, 15 September 2013

Set Your Ideas Free - How to Beat Writers Block

Have you ever found yourself unable to write?  No matter how hard you try, it seems like all your ideas are locked up in jail and noone is there to bail them out.  Not even you.  I mean you'd like to help out your poor ideas, but the bail is set too high - it's way too risky.  Maybe you're not eligible to post that bail.  The judge said no.

Well that's where you have an advantage when it comes to your own personal ideas - YOU are the judge, noone else, just you.  You can completely change the course of that bail hearing and set your ideas free at anytime.  Don't worry about the restrictions either, because you made those up as well.  It's time to own up to the fact that you're in charge - not the one on trial.

But everything has been written about your topic you say?  Or you just don't know enough about it to make any decent contribution?  Maybe you need to take a few minutes and think from another angle.  Instead of being the authority on the subject, maybe you could write from the newcomers perspective.  Give an overview of what you're dealing with personally.  People will relate.  Not everyone knows your topic inside out, and if you're targeting those who do know a great deal about it, well maybe you can inspire them by showing them a fresh perspective - they impose their own rules too you know.  Sometimes fresh blood is what the situation needs.

So you have no ideas?  Go read.  Setup a feed reader with your favorite blogs and check them regularly.  Go to news sites and search for your topic.  Find a social network that has individuals who are interested in what you do and read what they're saying.  Heck, don't just read, contribute.  You might find that helping others will jog your inspirational juices into flow.

Make sure you write ideas down as they come to you.  It's easy to forget what you were thinking about just 20 minutes before - (at least for me, maybe it's time for Lumosity) so write things down as they come to you.  Don't worry about the fact you may not know all the details to write on a given subject - you could possibly write it from another angle.  For instance, instead of writing the best way of gaining Facebook followers, why not write on the prospect of meeting important connections through Facebook.

Sometimes you need to flip things around and realize that if you can't write about a subject from one angle, there's always another way to look at it.

Often times fear will plague our thoughts and overcome a great idea.  Take a moment to acknowledge that there are other people in this world that will think about your subject from a very close perspective.  They WANT you to vocalize what their thinking. Just get to it and put your ideas out there.  Don't put it off till you've got all the knowledge - you'll never write another word.

Remember, you're the judge - why not go easy on your poor old ideas.

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