Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Google Plus Resource List

I've been concentrating my efforts on Google plus and thought I'd go over what is helping me stay organized and gain followers.  This includes tools and websites that I'm using.  While you may find other lists about this subject - most of the software on them is going to cost you an arm and a leg to give you statistics or a way to manage your social accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter) as well as Google+ from one centralized location.

  1. Circloscope - An awesome idea in theory, Circloscope claims to be the microscope for your Google+ account.  This program has a great list of categories to sort your users into like relationship (two-way, one-way, etc), engagement (engager, sharer, plusser, commenter), relevance (a number between 0 and 40) as well as by circle and a few other options - this tool is great for sorting people into more relevant circles.
  2. Circle Count - This website is based on rankings and social reach.  It tracks statistics about your Google+ account such as follower history and growth, the circles you've been shared in and even drills down into how many shares, +1s and comments you have per posting.  Another awesome feature is the circle sharing lists you can find on here.  You can also search by keywords through users to add people from your niche to your circles.
  3. This list of Google+ resources by +Jaana Nyström - the list is huge and covers basic to advanced topics including different posts, videos and tools that Jaana has collected.
  4. Google+ Notifications - A great little tool that adds a small icon next to your address bar to display your Google+ notifications.  Great for when you're surfing other sites, you can still keep that snap reflex interaction going.
  5. The number one way I've grown my followers has been by using sharing circles.  These are basically lists of people that revolve around different topics that have been shared by people saying you should follow them.  It's pretty easy to do, just click on the link above, find a blue sharing circle and click the add people button.  Then name your new circle and voila you have now followed a bunch of people that are likely to follow you back.
  6. Favorite Posts for Google+ - This extension allows you to mark your favorite posts directly from within Google+ for easy reading later.  It adds a star beside all posts and puts a favorites menu icon in your sidebar.  You can set it to add all +1 posts to your favorites and version 2.6 brings an update that allows it to work within embedded posts as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing what new tools are released for Google+ in the coming weeks and months.  For now you can check out further tools at the Google+ Extension section of the Chrome web store.  There is a post planning tool and comment management tools there as well, I just haven't used them myself.  You can also check out the Google+ for business page for 3rd party software.

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