Monday, 23 September 2013

Google+ Daily Hashtags

Racking your brain for something to post about on Google+? Each day of the week there's a variety of popular hash-tags you can use for inspiration.

Let's go over some of the top hashtags as found on the popular social networks:

Another week starts and people are looking for motivation to start their work week - why not use the hashtag of #mondaymotivation?  Rather than go for the #moodymonday which seems pretty popular as well, you could go for #musicmonday and post some of your favorite songs to get people rockin'.  If you're more into the fashion scene, #shoesmonday  seems to be extremely popular.


Everybody loves tacos right?  Well maybe it's time to post your favorite taco pic on #tacotuesday.  While some still go for the older #transformationtuesday - you could go for the more popular #tuesdecay or #treetuesday.


Ahhh #humpday.. still a favorite by all.  Time to post your favorite camel pics, but maybe you have something you could add to the #wednesdaywisdom hashtag instead.


It's time to post something from the past with #throwbackthursday.  You could try another spin on it if you're feeling particularly thirsty .. it's also #thirstythursday - time to get your drink on! hah.


 #tgif - thank goodness it's Friday.  Time to post your favorite flashbacks with #flashbackfriday, or maybe it's just #fridayfunday for you.  Don't forget about #fridaynight - who knows what could happen.


Oh yes, we all can't get enough of those crazy cats on #caturday.  It's also the day after Friday so you might want to post the aftermath with #saturdaymorning or look forward to what you have planned on #saturdaynight


You could make it a #socialsunday and connect with some new people.  How about adding a new pic to your collection with #selfiesunday?  But of course it is #sundayfunday so get out there and have some fun.

These are just some of the suggested hashtags you could use to post on Google+ or any other network for that matter.  Have a suggestion for a hashtag I've missed?  Please let me know in the comments.

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