Friday, 27 September 2013

8 Sources of Inspirational Moods

Where do we get our inspiration from?  What is it that sets our thoughts ablaze and releases our creative side? Sometimes it feels like we're just going through the motions - forcing ourselves to do things that we know we should do. Other times our excitement level is so high we just can't help it that we're creating new things.  It doesn't feel like an effort at those peak moments, it just feels right.

So what exactly inspires us to these levels of creativity? Everyone's different and has their own particular interests and focal points.

New Concepts and Emotional Feedback
Coming across an idea that we've never thought about can spark our inspiration to a new high. Giving us a whole different view of an area of life that we had never considered, new concepts are very powerful.  Our brain starts to work through the new idea, building roads into other areas of life that we may have encountered, or better yet not encountered at all.

Our emotional response to a situation may be just the thing to inspire us.  If we feel inspired it doesn't have to be a new concept that's made us that way, we may just be relating perfectly to something.  Emotions are what help fuel our fire.

Let's go over some of the sources that we can find these qualities of an inspirational mood.

1. Reading
Writing is a perfect spot for people to creatively put forth their ideas.  New concepts can be found in abundance through the written word not to mention great stories that we can relate to and feel inspired by.

Whether it's books or blogs, reading has the potential to inspire you in many ways.

2. Conversation
By discussing a topic, we're in a way, looking for new concepts to help build our ideas upon. Brainstorming new ideas with a friend or colleague is a great example of this.  Finding an interesting topic may bring the inspiration you need to create something of great value.

3. Music
Our brain is hard-wired to enjoy certain types of music, from classical to heavy metal the creative process put into these songs has the potential to inspire us not only from a mental point of view, but also from an emotional one. 

The shivers you get down your spine when you feel that bar of music that gets to you can form a new concept of being. The lyrical aspect of a well written song can tell a story that brings new ideas into your mind.

4. Movies/Television Shows
This medium combines both visual and auditory signals to our brain, opening the way for ideas to spring out at us. Another creative outlet for people to convey meaning, movies or TV can inspire us in many ways.

Emotional response is huge and may inspire you to laugh or cry, get angry or feel joy.. all aspects of an inspirational mood that could be put to use in different ways.

5. Stories
An inspirational story may convey new concepts or old, but it has the element that makes us feel something. A good story is such a powerful tool for conveying ideas and bringing inspiration to a person. We want to hear a good story, it entertains us and brings us the emotional responses we crave as human beings.

Stories can be found in all the fore-mentioned points, but generally play to the emotional response of relation. Parables convey meaning through story-telling, and usually bring a certain emotion out in us.

6. Events
A milestone birthday, getting a new car, going to a great party - all these events are breeding grounds for inspiration.

Completing a goal you've set for yourself may inspire you in ways not imagined.  Events such as these are generally targetting the emotional response one gets.

7. Physical Output
Our physical and spiritual being are inevitably linked with our emotional self.  Having a hard workout, completing a race we've been training for for months, finishing a hard days work in the salt mines.. all these examples have the potential to trigger an emotional response of inspiration.  Although physically drained, you may find yourself mentally inspired to create new ideas.

8. Achievement
Accomplishing something we've been working towards is a great feeling.  Often times we'll be satisfied with those accomplishments, but feel like we're still looking for something more to do.  This kind of inspiration can drive our creativity into new areas.

You may have noticed the cross-over in these sources of inspiration.. It helps to organize our thoughts into categories, but in reality inspiration can bleed through a variety of different ways.  A combination of these sources and reactions is sometimes needed for us to get to that inspirational high.

If you've been feeling uninspired, unmotivated, stuck in neutral - why not try looking for your muse in a different way.

Where do you find your main source of inspirational moods?