Monday, 9 February 2015

Back Into The Thick Of It All

Hi everyone, not sure if we've met before but it's been sometime since my last post on this blog.  I've been back at the social media scene and online world for awhile now, just concentrating in different areas.
I've decided to start posting on here as well about the lastest resources, tools, concepts, ideas and miscellaneous topics that will hopefully help enlighten and entertain you throughout your days.
Please feel free to drop me a line and say hi, like I say, some of you, it's been a few months since we've connected - lets get back in touch and start something special for everyone to benefit from.
I've been working on numerous projects online and am also building back into my farriery practice.  This should be an interesting year, one that I'm actually looking forward to.
Here's to our success.
Josh Emsley

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meaningful Connections

Should you be concentrating directly on numbers when it comes to your connections on your social networks?  Are you constantly checking your follower counts and making every effort possible to grow these numbers?

That's not a bad thing.

I bet you thought I was going to say it was wrong, that you should be concentrating on deep, quality, meaningful and relevant connections to your industry.

Well I am... you knew the answer all along but it's hard to put it all together sometimes.  That next follower you engage could become the next connection that brings you a wealth of knowledge, experience, and perhaps even a little money.. (yes lots of money we hope).

But certainly keep concentrating on growing your connections on your networks, just perhaps take the time out to make some really meaningful response to some of your networks posts.  Private message someone your thoughts on an issue.  Make a relevant post and link to a person you believe could use the exposure.

All these little things can add up to one big experience.

Continue to grow and evolve with the emerging tech that your networks are bringing out.  Be proactive in the way you enter your day.  Post often and post relevant.  Link up your networks and posts so your connections have the ability to actually find what you're talking about.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top 10 Social Media Blogs for 2013

In this post I'm going to detail my top 10 blog sources for social media information.  I like to check these sources at least once a day and find that it helps keep me up on the latest happenings in social media and SEO.

1.  Seth Godin
The personal blog of Squidoo creator, Seth Godin is a free thinker that continually inspires to think on new levels.  His posts are almost always timeless and apply to everything you can think of in the online world.

2.  Shoemoney
Jeremy Shoemaker has been one of the leading names in SEO for years now.  He has built many businesses and sold them for big bucks.  His blog is a source of insider info that will help you keep up with industry secrets and news.

3.  Search Engine Journal
A source for industry news from a variety of bloggers, SEJ is constantly updating their content with the latest trends.

4.  Copyblogger Blog
Devoted to content marketing, Copyblogger will help boost your writing and blogging style.  Started by Brian Clark in 2006, the ideas and content posted are invaluable to a companies content marketing strategy.

5.  Problogger Blog
Created by Darren Rowse, problogger is a constant source of inspiration to a blogger's writing arsenal.  Dealing with the issues that a blogger may inevitably come up against this blog is a great place to help hone your blogging skills.

6.  Jeff Bullas
Jeff writes on the latest happenings in social media and is one of the most influential bloggers in the scene right now.  Great content on the latest trends and tools can be found here from a variety of bloggers.

7.  Mashable
What started out as a micro-niche blog has transformed into more of a news source.  For up-to-the-minute information on 8 different channels Mashable even has their own app.  Check out the social media channel directly or maybe even choose the main all encompassing feed to keep up with what's happening in other areas of life.

8.  The Moz Blog
For a more SEO focused business blog, Moz has a wealth of information streaming through it from multiple authors.  Started in 2004 they've grown to acquire Getlisted in the past year and have a vibrant community.

9.  Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land takes a look at the latest industry news in search engines.  To keep up with the breathtaking amount of updates and acquisitions going on, this is your spot.

10.  Social Media Examiner
A blog that writes about the latest happenings in social media and takes a more tools oriented approach with some of the greatest compilations of tips and tools for the social media industry.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Social Arrow Live Google+ Hangout for the Week of Sept. 22nd - 28th

NOTE: Due to technical problems we'll be redoing this video.. look for it in a day or two.

+Amie Rutledge and +Josh Emsley go over the weeks events as they've come across them while social networking.  

This week we'll be covering:

1.  Caturday of course
2.  Hollywood entertainment - Breaking Bad and more
3.  Google News - there's a few developments this week
4.  Pinterest - article pins are here
5.  Miscellaneous articles we found interesting

This isn't a long event, but we hope to help inform you with things you might have missed and maybe entertain you abit as well.  Hope to see you there! :)

Video will be embedded here:

Show notes will be posted here:

Friday, 27 September 2013

8 Sources of Inspirational Moods

Where do we get our inspiration from?  What is it that sets our thoughts ablaze and releases our creative side? Sometimes it feels like we're just going through the motions - forcing ourselves to do things that we know we should do. Other times our excitement level is so high we just can't help it that we're creating new things.  It doesn't feel like an effort at those peak moments, it just feels right.

So what exactly inspires us to these levels of creativity? Everyone's different and has their own particular interests and focal points.

New Concepts and Emotional Feedback
Coming across an idea that we've never thought about can spark our inspiration to a new high. Giving us a whole different view of an area of life that we had never considered, new concepts are very powerful.  Our brain starts to work through the new idea, building roads into other areas of life that we may have encountered, or better yet not encountered at all.

Our emotional response to a situation may be just the thing to inspire us.  If we feel inspired it doesn't have to be a new concept that's made us that way, we may just be relating perfectly to something.  Emotions are what help fuel our fire.

Let's go over some of the sources that we can find these qualities of an inspirational mood.

1. Reading
Writing is a perfect spot for people to creatively put forth their ideas.  New concepts can be found in abundance through the written word not to mention great stories that we can relate to and feel inspired by.

Whether it's books or blogs, reading has the potential to inspire you in many ways.

2. Conversation
By discussing a topic, we're in a way, looking for new concepts to help build our ideas upon. Brainstorming new ideas with a friend or colleague is a great example of this.  Finding an interesting topic may bring the inspiration you need to create something of great value.

3. Music
Our brain is hard-wired to enjoy certain types of music, from classical to heavy metal the creative process put into these songs has the potential to inspire us not only from a mental point of view, but also from an emotional one. 

The shivers you get down your spine when you feel that bar of music that gets to you can form a new concept of being. The lyrical aspect of a well written song can tell a story that brings new ideas into your mind.

4. Movies/Television Shows
This medium combines both visual and auditory signals to our brain, opening the way for ideas to spring out at us. Another creative outlet for people to convey meaning, movies or TV can inspire us in many ways.

Emotional response is huge and may inspire you to laugh or cry, get angry or feel joy.. all aspects of an inspirational mood that could be put to use in different ways.

5. Stories
An inspirational story may convey new concepts or old, but it has the element that makes us feel something. A good story is such a powerful tool for conveying ideas and bringing inspiration to a person. We want to hear a good story, it entertains us and brings us the emotional responses we crave as human beings.

Stories can be found in all the fore-mentioned points, but generally play to the emotional response of relation. Parables convey meaning through story-telling, and usually bring a certain emotion out in us.

6. Events
A milestone birthday, getting a new car, going to a great party - all these events are breeding grounds for inspiration.

Completing a goal you've set for yourself may inspire you in ways not imagined.  Events such as these are generally targetting the emotional response one gets.

7. Physical Output
Our physical and spiritual being are inevitably linked with our emotional self.  Having a hard workout, completing a race we've been training for for months, finishing a hard days work in the salt mines.. all these examples have the potential to trigger an emotional response of inspiration.  Although physically drained, you may find yourself mentally inspired to create new ideas.

8. Achievement
Accomplishing something we've been working towards is a great feeling.  Often times we'll be satisfied with those accomplishments, but feel like we're still looking for something more to do.  This kind of inspiration can drive our creativity into new areas.

You may have noticed the cross-over in these sources of inspiration.. It helps to organize our thoughts into categories, but in reality inspiration can bleed through a variety of different ways.  A combination of these sources and reactions is sometimes needed for us to get to that inspirational high.

If you've been feeling uninspired, unmotivated, stuck in neutral - why not try looking for your muse in a different way.

Where do you find your main source of inspirational moods?

Monday, 23 September 2013

Time Management for Your Social Media Presence

So important to your success as a social media expert is the wise use of your time.  It's easy to get lost in the online world, checking and rechecking your accounts, searching for new posts and interesting topics, and reading others profiles are just a few of the things we can get stuck on.

While these are all important parts of a successful social media campaign - doing one more than the rest can start a vicious cycle of non-inspired thinking.  Making a focused effort to break up your time into different activities may be what you're missing in your social media presence.

I've made a list of activities that you could focus on for the day, hopefully inspiring you to make your own list of priorities to help leverage your efforts into the stratosphere.  These are just suggestions, but concentrating on the things that work the most for gaining connections and inspiring both authority and search rank are very important to your success.

An important part of your day, reading should account for a great deal of your morning time - keeping you up-to-date with the latest info in your fields, inspiring new content ideas for your campaigns, and allowing you to think through angles that may not have presented themselves so readily before.

Take time to make a list of blogs and websites that inspire you and give you great info.  Use a feed reader and organize it with your most important sources.  Make notes of who posts important content on your social networks and divide them into groups to make reading them easier.  Check back in throughout the day to make sure you're ahead of the curve when it comes to recent news.

Setting aside a decent portion of time to think of new ideas is critical to maintaining and increasing your success in the social media world.  Building upon the content you've read you can write up a list of article ideas for your blog/website.

Take the time to meditate on what you've learned from reading and think up new ways to introduce yourself to a market, gain authority in your present ones, add new streams of revenue to your personal finances.  By taking a little bit of time to do this daily, you'll never run out of ideas for content and you'll help boost your online presence to a new level

Account Management
It's very important to keep up with your social networking accounts.  You never know when a new connection might crop up that could inspire you and add resources to your presence you never even thought of before.

Check for new followers, reply to messages that you've received, search for new connections and post inspirational and interesting content to your networks.

This should account for a very large part of your time online.  Keeping the personal touch involved in your social media presence cannot be stressed enough.  People enjoy interacting with you, don't automate things to a level that leaves your audience feeling like your ignoring them.  While there's something to be said for using account management tools to help keep your time on this one down, use them wisely.

Now that you've set aside the time for reading through your sources, brainstorming ideas to work on and taken care of your accounts, it's time to get to the creative process.  Take a large chunk of your day to create new content.  Write blog posts, website articles, make videos, memes, and infographics.

It's easy to get stuck on just one area of creation, and if you find yourself falling into that trap, perhaps you should think of using your ideas in different mediums.  The visual medium is very powerful for creating backlinks and interest in your content.  Take the time to develop your skills in this area, it will pay off royally if you do.

Going over the content you've created is important in many different ways.  You may catch errors you've made, find comments you need to reply to, think of new ideas for your campaigns that you could create.

Give yourself a minute and look back on the day, week, even month.  What were some of the things that you found important and informative?  Have you expounded on these items or did you forget something that you had planned to follow through on?  You could take a certain day and concentrate your efforts on recapping specifically.

Are you using your time wisely by breaking it up into categories like these?  Maybe you have other ideas that you feel are a more important use of your time..  I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the subject, what do you think, did I hit the mark with this one?  I hope I've at least inspired you to think through managing your time in a productive manner.

Google+ Daily Hashtags

Racking your brain for something to post about on Google+? Each day of the week there's a variety of popular hash-tags you can use for inspiration.

Let's go over some of the top hashtags as found on the popular social networks:

Another week starts and people are looking for motivation to start their work week - why not use the hashtag of #mondaymotivation?  Rather than go for the #moodymonday which seems pretty popular as well, you could go for #musicmonday and post some of your favorite songs to get people rockin'.  If you're more into the fashion scene, #shoesmonday  seems to be extremely popular.


Everybody loves tacos right?  Well maybe it's time to post your favorite taco pic on #tacotuesday.  While some still go for the older #transformationtuesday - you could go for the more popular #tuesdecay or #treetuesday.


Ahhh #humpday.. still a favorite by all.  Time to post your favorite camel pics, but maybe you have something you could add to the #wednesdaywisdom hashtag instead.


It's time to post something from the past with #throwbackthursday.  You could try another spin on it if you're feeling particularly thirsty .. it's also #thirstythursday - time to get your drink on! hah.


 #tgif - thank goodness it's Friday.  Time to post your favorite flashbacks with #flashbackfriday, or maybe it's just #fridayfunday for you.  Don't forget about #fridaynight - who knows what could happen.


Oh yes, we all can't get enough of those crazy cats on #caturday.  It's also the day after Friday so you might want to post the aftermath with #saturdaymorning or look forward to what you have planned on #saturdaynight


You could make it a #socialsunday and connect with some new people.  How about adding a new pic to your collection with #selfiesunday?  But of course it is #sundayfunday so get out there and have some fun.

These are just some of the suggested hashtags you could use to post on Google+ or any other network for that matter.  Have a suggestion for a hashtag I've missed?  Please let me know in the comments.